Experiencing an issue where your air conditioner blows hot air rather than cooling your room is a nightmare for many HVAC homeowners. If your AC unit is not working perfectly, especially in the sweltering summers can be frustrating. But, it can be resolved by professional AC repair in Ridgecrest, CAPlease continue reading to learn the six reasons why your AC stopped working and how to resolve it on time.

Six Prevalent Reasons Why Your AC is Not Working and How to Fix It

Inadequate Compressor

A compressor is an important part of an air conditioner because it controls refrigerant flow between the condenser and evaporator. But, if the condenser is damaged, it won’t be able to provide consistent cool air throughout the room. Replacement is necessary for a compressor that is damaged. Hire a qualified AC replacement in Ridgecrest, CAto fix this for you.

The Dead Batteries on the Thermostat

Sometimes, nothing is wrong with your air conditioner. The reason why your thermostat isn’t showing anything is that the batteries are dead.

When the screen is blank and you are unsure of the cause, changing the thermostat batteries should be your first line of defense. You can contact a professional AC repair in Ridgecrest, CA, to repair thisMake sure that “cool” is selected on your thermostat. If not, you are either turning on the heat or simply turning the fan.

Detective Motor

The outside unit’s inability to release heat will interfere with an air conditioner’s capacity to cool down if the fan’s motor is damaged or malfunctioning. It is better to leave this issue with your split or window air conditioner to a professional. For the same, you can call experts from an HVAC company.

Low Level of Refrigerant

The low level of refrigerant is not a result of your air conditioner, but the leakage is probably the one to blame for this. The AC coil may develop cracks over time, which could cause leaking. Additionally, neglecting routine maintenance can eventually result in rusting. 

You aren’t able to do much on your own in this case because it involves more than just adding refrigerant; the levels must precisely match those recommended by your air conditioner’s manufacturer. To specify the reason of the leak and check the refrigerant levels, you would need to call an HVAC company that provides air conditioning services in Ridgecrest, CA.

Dirty Air Filters to Blame

Dirty air filters are the most frequent cause of split and window air conditioners failing to cool. Several issues could arise if the AC filter is dirty or blocked with dust and debris. It might prevent the thermostat from operating as it should. Warm and cool air cannot move through the ducts because of dirt in the AC filters. Additionally, it can cause the evaporator coil to freeze, obstructing the outlet’s ability to release cool air. It is advisable to have the HVAC company examine the AC filter and replace it with a new one if necessary.

Defective AC Capacitor

If your outdoor fan is operating, but your compressor is not, your AC capacitor may be at fault. Like batteries, AC capacitors function. They drive the compressor and blower fan’s motors. Therefore, the compressor won’t run efficiently if your capacitor has a problem. It’s advisable to call an HVAC specialist for this remedy because replacing a capacitor on your own can be harmful.

Why Should You Sign Up For Preventive Maintenance For Your AC Unit?

It is advised that you get your air conditioning system serviced and maintained by a professional to keep your unit away from sudden breakdowns or failure. To improve the implementation and efficiency of your air conditioner, have it done every three months. This is because an unmaintained AC system struggles to chill your home adequately and can skyrocket your electricity bills. Therefore, maintaining the system properly reduces the costly air conditioner maintenance fees and repairs. 

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