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Ductless AC Tune up in Ridgecrest, CA and Surrounding Areas

Four Simple Ways to Tune Up Your Ductless AC

Ductless air conditioners, like the Mitsubishi ductless unit, are the future of economic and efficient air conditioning systems. While they don’t take up as much space, or strain your utilities as much as a more traditional system does, that doesn’t mean that they don’t need TLC every now and again. 

Today we’re going to look at four easy steps that you can take yearly to extend the life of your Mitsubishi ductless unit.  

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Dust regularly  

Even though you’re not supposed to judge a book by its cover, you can still tell a lot about the condition of a ductless AC system based on the outside of the unit. Dust and other particulate matter can accumulate on the air conditioner’s surface, which means that the unit will eventually suck in that damaging dirt. Make sure to clean the exterior of your unit regularly.

Give it space

This step ties in directly with the previous one. While a ductless unit is made for efficiency and space-saving, that doesn’t mean that you can jam it in anywhere. Bear in mind that too many items around the unit will encourage dust build up. Make sure to regularly clean and economize the area, keeping the wall free from obstructions.

Change the filters 

A Mitsubishi ductless air conditioner still uses a filter to clean and sort away the dust, dirt, and grime the same way a traditional AC unit does. It pays to remove and/or replace the filter once a year to ensure that it is in good, working order. 

Clean the condenser coils

An air conditioner’s condenser coils are what make the actual cooling happen. This part of the system will be located outside your home. As the condenser coils heat, and subsequently cool, condensation can leave buildup on the outside of the tubes which can lead to performance problems down the road. Make sure to remove the condenser’s housing and clean the tubes periodically. 

Call a professional 

These simple, basic steps can add years to the life of your Mitsubishi ductless air conditioning unit. Sometimes simple steps just aren’t enough though. Sometimes you need a professional tune-up, or even maintenance to keep you ductless unit running properly. That’s where the pros at Michael’s Certified Air, Inc. come in. Looking for a more formal evaluation of your ductless air conditioner? Contact us today to schedule a tune-up.