Ductless AC Replacement In Ridgecrest, CA, and Surrounding Areas

In the last few years, ductless air conditioners, like Mitsubishi’s ductless units, have become all the rage. And why not? They’re modern, unobtrusive, and highly efficient. What most people don’t know is that ductless AC systems have been around since the 1970s. Although machines are manufactured to last at least 15 years with proper care, for early adopters, installing a replacement unit is  probably overdue. Even if you haven’t had a ductless system for the last decade, tragedy can strike even the most well-maintained system at any time. Here are five signs that disaster is imminent and you might need a new Mitsubishi ductless.

High energy billsDuctless

Ductless AC is known for its energy efficiency. If you see a sudden spike in your energy costs alarm bells should go off. This is a good initial indicator that something is off somewhere inside the unit.

Noises from inside

A grinding, scraping noise from inside your ductless AC unit is a bad sign. Ductless AC systems run relatively quiet, with a humming noise typical to fans and condensers. If you hear anything out of the ordinary, it could be a sign of worn internal parts breaking down.

Foul odor

At its heart, diagnosing AC problems is a sensory experience. If it’s not a sound, it’s a smell. Foul odors coming from the interior of the unit when the power is on denote a leak or mechanical failure.

Ice build up on condenser coils

Visible ice, especially in summer, usually means that there is an internal problem with the refrigerant, circulation, or some other component. Over time, that ice can damage the condenser coils causing the problem to “snowball.”

There’s a noticeable lack of cold air

Sometimes there won’t be any overt signs, like loud noise or sparking wires, to alert you that there’s a problem with your unit. One day you may realize  the air just doesn’t feel as cool as it used to. If you feel a reduction in your AC’s cold air output, it could be a sign of deeper problems.

Time for a new ductless AC system

While many of these problems can be fixed by a professional repair service, such as Michael’s Certified Air, Inc. too many problems in rapid succession indicate that it’s time for a new unit altogether. Michael Certified Air is proud to offer a full line of Mitsubishi ductless AC products. If you are looking to replace your current unit, contact us today to begin your upgrade.