Despite the beauty that Ridgecrest offers daily in the summer, this season can also be an uncomfortably sultry time for residents. In fact, with the city being located in the desert, the temperature reaches 104 to 106 degrees regularly. This extreme temperature means that homeowners rely heavily on their air conditioning units in the summer. Therefore, in the unfortunate effect that the unit breaks down during this time, one will be exposed to some of the most extreme temperatures for a couple of days or more. For this reason, it would be advisable to pay heed to certain signs that could denote that the AC requires repairs. Before hiring any help, these signs usually include –

Decreased cooling

One sure-fire way to know that a cooling unit requires air conditioner repair in Ridgecrest, CA, is to examine how it cools. Older units or systems that require repair tend to have lower airflow. This means that the room will take longer to cool, and eventually, it will completely give up functioning. When there is a decrease in the airflow, it is a sign that the refrigerant may be leaking from the compartment it is present in. Another cause for the airflow may point to damage in the ductwork or even a sign to replace the air filter.

Unusual smells

At times, homeowners may notice a certain smell emanating from the unit, which tends to be unpleasant. Ideally, a unit should not be imparting any smell to the surrounding. Therefore, if this is the case, it will mean a build-up of mold inside the unit, which releases a musty smell as the air flows through the system’s ducts. Some homeowners look to prevent this problem by installing ultraviolet lights, while others utilize specific solutions to kill off the growth.

Frequent cycling

Every unit cools a room according to certain cycles. The duration of these cycles ranges from 15 to 20 minutes but can increase as the AC ages. In some cases, the cycles will occur more frequently while the unit constantly switches on and off. When the duration of the cycles increases, it denotes that there is a decrease in inefficiency. On the other hand, constantly switching on and off will signify that the unit requires a tune-up.

Abnormal sounds

A homeowner should pay close attention to the sound that an AC is making, as that may also hold some answers as to the repairs it requires. Quite commonly, ACs tend to impart anything from a clanking to a whistling noise and other sounds as well. Each sound is a reflection of different problems. The clanking sound, for example, is a clear sign that the AC has loose components. However, the same sound may also point to the general wear and tear that the system sustains after a certain amount of time. Having a functioning AC is something that no homeowner can compromise on, especially during the summer. Therefore, one should take care that the unit receives frequent tune-ups or air conditioning repair in Ridgecrest, CA, if it comes to it. To hire top-quality ac services at a reasonable price, consider getting in touch with Michael’s Certified Air, Inc. by calling 760-608-7957 or drop an email at [email protected].