Operating to Maintenance: A Complete Guide to Heat Pump If you have Heating systems installed at your homes then you must be familiar with the ‘Heat Pump’. Basically, heat pumps withdraw heat from one place and transfer it to another. That is why Heat Pumps are known as very efficient sources of heat. Moreover, they also save energy and bills. According to professionals it is recommended to keep the fan on auto mode for better performance of the Heat Pump. Also, it is advised to switch off and clean the outer unit of the system after bad weather conditions. Like every other system, a Heat Pump demands maintenance too. The maintenance of this efficient unit is quite simple. The first step is to switch off the power before launching into the cleaning exercise. Go around checking for leaks because leaks can damage the system and also lower its performance. The area around the condenser should be the prime target as the deeper it is cleaned the better performance the Heat Pump gives. Cleaning the air filters and coils are important too, as dirty filters and coils tend to reduce the performance of the overall unit. Also, check for any kind of obstruction around the outdoor unit. The filters need service in about a month but sometimes it needs to be changed completely, for that a professional can be consulted. The heat pump services in Ridgecrest, CA, is available at michaelscertifiedair.com . You can also contact on (760) 608-7957. By paying attention while inspecting the heat pump and making efforts towards maintenance, your home can be warm all through the winter. We provide heating services in Ridgecrest, CA, with all other services. Professional help is just a click away. Call to secure your warmth now (760) 608-7957 or click here.