Only well-trained and certified technicians should be allowed to handle the installation process of an AC. A bad installation job can also become a potential health hazard resulting in accidents. When looking for AC installation in Ridgecrest, look for experienced professionals who carefully carry out each step without rushing through the work. 

But, to supervise if the professional is doing his/her job properly, you first need to know the steps of an air conditioning installation. Only then will you be empowered to make a judgment on the installation process. 

Here are 3 steps involved in the installation of an air conditioning

Installation of an Air Conditioner is as important as selecting the right AC. Improper installation causes problems later on. For example, if your outdoor unit isn’t placed on flat ground, it might tilt due to strong winds. The location and installation process has a huge impact on the future air conditioner’s overall performance. 

  • Disposing of the old system 

Search for AC installation in Ridgecrest to do the job because this is a tricky part that involves risks when done by a non-professional. It is one of the most complex parts of the process where all the components of the previous AC have to be carefully removed and disposed of. 

The refrigerant especially can be disastrous for the environment if there is no proper disposal. The old AC should be given for recycling, but that can only be done once trained technicians to remove the refrigerant. 

  • Fixing connections 

Once the air conditioner is fixed into place, it is connected to different parts of the house. During the installation process, the ductwork is resized to suit the new air conditioning system. Then the indoor evaporator unit is hooked to the ducts and connected to a drain line for condensate drainage. 

It is also linked to the coolant line that connects outside with the condenser unit. Then the condenser unit is fixed into place. This is followed by the examination of the electrical system. It involves inspecting all electrical connections since the huge amount of power required by air conditioners to function can trip circuit breakers. 

  • Inspection of the air conditioner 

The most important step of the process is the final one that checks if the air conditioner is functioning properly or not. Airflow, thermostat control, and cooling power are some of the main aspects to be checked. Safety and health hazards are also examined carefully by the technicians. 

These are the 3 basic steps in an air conditioner installation process. Two important points to note are that; proper installation is possible only when the correct air conditioner has been selected and correct sizing has been done. 

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