Like all HVAC systems, furnaces also consist of various components that make up a fully functioning unit. For example, a filter is one of those crucial components responsible for removing particulates to circulate clean and filtered air.

As the filter plays such a massive role in the system, there’s no way a furnace can run without it. If you feel your furnace’s filter has become dirty or needs to be replaced, do not hesitate to call professional heater installation in Ridgecrest CA.

Are All Furnaces Equipped With Filters?

Yes, whether it is a furnace or a heat pump, they all have filters. The primary role of a furnace filter is to work as a barrier to catch dust and particulate matter that comes in through the ductwork. This way, clean and filtered air goes further to the blower fan, circulating this air. Not only does it protect you from dirty air, but it also protects other furnace components.  

Some furnace filters are disposable, while some can be easily cleaned and reused. In either case, you need to get your furnace filters replaced by heater repair in Ridgecrest CA, so that your system can continue to perform its best.

What If I Run My Furnace With A Dirty Filter?

A dirty furnace filter can lead to some extensive repairs in the future if not addressed soon. Here are some problems that might occur due to dirty/clogged filters:

  • It stops the air from flowing correctly through your furnace, which can eventually trigger it to shut down. 
  • Since the furnace will have to push hard through a clogged filter, the system will eat up more energy. Therefore, you can also expect higher energy bills. 
  • If adequate airflow isn’t available in the heat exchanger, the exchanger can get overheated and eventually crack. In such cases, you need to call an emergency furnace service in Ridgecrest.

We Are Running A Furnace Without A Filter.

If you don’t have a replacement filter in hand at the moment, don’t be tempted to remove the dirty filter and run it without the new one. Here are some severe issues that can arise if you run your furnace without a filter:

  • Poor air quality: Since there is no filter to collect dust and debris, all of this particulate matter gets circulated in your home, resulting in poor indoor air quality. This can aggravate respiratory problems like asthma and trigger allergies too. 
  • Polluted ducts: Air pollutants will start settling in the ductwork, combining with moisture and leading to mold growth. Altogether, this can become a severe health hazard, especially for those with mold allergies.
  • System failure: Since a filter keeps the inner elements clean, all of it would be coated in grime without it. For example- the evaporator coils or the blower motor can eventually fail due to the added stress.

If your furnace filter requires to be repaired or if you’re facing any of the above issues, we can fix it. We provide expert heating services in Ridgecrest, CA. Call us at (760) 608-7957 or write to us at [email protected].