Is your AC breaking down frequently? Has your AC become too noisy? Do you own an AC that is 13-15 years old? If yes, you should start planning a new AC purchase. Before you call technical help and ask for their opinion, let us give you five chief reasons to install a new AC.

  • Your AC is not cooling efficiently

An old air conditioning system will fail to distribute the cool air throughout the room. As the machine gets older, the efficiency of its parts decreases, which burdens the system. As a result, even after drawing excessive energy, your AC will fail to reach the desired temperature.

Cooling gets affected prematurely when owners avoid repairs, which causes significant damage to crucial components like condensers, fans, ducts, etc. 

  • Your air quality has decreased

A huge benefit of installing an AC is the indoor air quality. However, due to broken filters, or chronic water leakage, you will most likely experience damp smells. Regular repairs fix this problem. But if your system is old and experiencing frequent water leaks and bad indoor air, your technician will advise you to purchase a new AC.

  • Your AC is generating expensive utility bills

Every owner is made aware of the AC expenses – installation, maintenance, and utility, before making the purchase. Therefore, monthly utility bills are no surprise to the owner. However, if you see an amount way higher than estimated, it means that your AC is consuming too much energy to function.

Regular repairs keep the energy consumption in check, but there is serious damage. You might have to consider replacing it.

  • You get environment-friendly options

If you own an AC that is more than 11 years old, replacing it will be highly beneficial for the environment and your health. The older models use R-22 freon for cooling, which is very hazardous for the climate. An AC also loses its filtering capacity as it gets old. As a result, the AC starts emitting harmful gases that impact respiratory health. 

  • You get a variety to choose from

AC companies launch new features every year to make air conditioning simple, sustainable, and convenient. If you are considering an AC replacement now, you are at an advantage. You get to customize the air conditioning according to your requirements. You can choose which rooms to cool, and you can get an automatic AC that starts cooling according to the outdoor temperature. You can get a smart AC that you can control with your phone and much more.

Overall, though purchasing a new AC looks expensive, it will save you thousands. Modern AC systems are energy efficient and designed to provide utmost comfort. An added advantage of a new AC is that it increases the property value.

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