The air conditioner is a piece of machinery that uses the basic scientific process; liquid, when converted into gas, the surrounding heat gets absorbed, and cool air is expelled. Generally, air conditioners stay neglected at times when we no longer require their services. We don’t cover them during fall; maintenance remains pending for months, no regular filter clean-ups. These all factors add up to a decline in the life and output of A/Cs. How to make sure the well-being of an air conditioner?                                           
  • Firstly, clean the air filters at least once a month. It’s an easy and effective process to make sure that you get desired output from the a/c. Opening the front cover of a/c is a no-brainer as every manufacturer provides an instruction manual with all you have to do is follow a couple of steps.
  • Do call professionals for HVAC maintenance or servicing of your air conditioner as it will keep the a/c tuned up, save repair costs and electricity bills. How often should it be done? It depends on the place you reside and what the weather is like. For instance, if an a/c remains continuously operational for 7-8 months, you should get the a/c serviced at least twice in that time frame that would make sure that you get an optimal 95% of original output ( as the machine faces some wear and tear over the time which automatically degrades the quality of the product.)
  • The U.S Department of Energy says less than 50% of a/c owners take professional help to perform the regular HVAC (HVAC stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) maintenance routine. Air conditioners that go through proper HVAC service routines last longer.
  • Cover the a/c during fall as it will prevent insects, leaves, and other small things from entering into the system and make sure all passages stay clog-free and there is the free flow of the air; that is important because the flow of air is an essential factor of the performance of an air conditioner as the first thing it does is, it draws air from outdoors, through a grille then the process of cooling begins such that, if there is any blockage on outer grille it will reduce the amount ambient air going out and thus affects the output.
Pro-tip-A good power-saving rating is a must for an a/c as it will consume less electricity and help you save some of your hard-earned money. Though we have seen the basics of this astounding machine, a few do’s and don’ts as well as some points regarding the maintenance and its advantages, we won’t suggest you try to repair the equipment yourself as it may further drown you in deep waters. Instead, contact us and take advantage of our HVAC technicians’ years of experience and skills here at Michael’s Certified Air, Inc air conditioner repair Ridgecrest ca. Call us today at (760) 608 7957. We provide services for the heater and air conditioner repair in Ridgecrest, CA. Don’t forget to follow the steps mentioned above about keeping your air conditioner in good and working conditions!