Furnace Safety: Homeowners have to do a tough job locating all potential warning signs of an HVAC breakdown. However, these signs should be watched out for, not ignored. And it would be best if you took immediate action before your furnace breaks down completely. Therefore, before getting furnace services Ridgecrestknow the warning signs. Listed below are six warning signs you should never ignore for furnace safety.

Unusual Noises

Many machines produce strange noises to show warning signs to the owners that something is wrong. Same in the furnace, if you hear unusual sounds that might result from a loose component or a failing motor, you need a professional to look into the problem. 

Frequent Repairs

With annual inspections and maintenance, your furnace will last for at least 10-15 years and provide all your desired heating and cooling. But if your furnace is old and you frequently spend money on repairs, then it is high time to replace the unit.

Uneven Distribution of Heat

A malfunctioning furnace may not provide sufficient heating and might leave some cold spots in your home. 

Increasing Energy Costs

Energy bills can be a real headache, especially when you have no idea who is causing such bills to go higher and higher. One possible culprit can be your failing furnace, and for preventing the bills from rising, regular maintenance can be of great help. 


When your furnace is not cleaning the air in your home, and you notice a significant amount of dust flowing in your home, you need to change or clean the filters, and if it doesn’t help, call an expert.

Carbon Monoxide

If your gas furnace has a blue flame, it indicates proper working. If it is yellow, it is a clear sign that your unit is producing an excessive amount of carbon monoxide that can be harmful. To get the best heating services Ridgecrest CA, call Michael’s Certified Air, Inc. emergency services at (760) 608-7957. Drop your feedback and suggestions at [email protected] or visit our website.