A heater has many components like air filters, chimney exhaust flue, exhaust vents, drain lines, and ductwork that may stop its working.

Before you contact a professional for heat pump services Ridgecrest to help you out, you can try these troubleshooting tips that can help you save on your repair bill:

Here Are 7 Points Which Help You Save on Your Repair Bill:

  1. The thermostat of your heater determines the indoor temperature that it should maintain. A faulty thermostat will not work efficiently, causing the heater not to generate enough heat for the house.
  2. The air filters provide a smooth pathway for the air to circulate between the heater and the home. A dirty air filter will obstruct the pathway, forcing the system to stop working.
  3. The gas valve of your heater burns the gas entering the system to generate heat. You may have accidentally turned it off while going outside, which means the system will not generate any heat.
  4. Excessive cloggings in the chimney exhaust flue will not allow the system to work efficiently, and it may break down in the worst cases.
  5. The exhaust vents outside your home may have debris in them. You can either clean the vents yourself or contact a professional technician that provides heat pump services Ridgecrest, to do it for you.
  6. Blocked or overflowing drain lines will stop the system from working. You can unclog the drain lines by pouring dilute bleach and flushing it out after a few minutes.
  7. Like air filters, blocked vents also obstruct the airflow path, leading to hot and cold pockets. If the vents have leakages, you can seal them using metal duct tape.


These troubleshooting tips should allow you to restart your heater and regain your comfort, but if your heater is still not working, major problems may be within the system. Contact Michael’s Certified Air Inc. to fix your heater at affordable rates. Our customer care desk is available at (760) 608-7957 to assist you with heater and heater installation services in Ridgecrest, CA.