There are a few details to keep in mind when it comes to furnace installation, such as how long the installation will take and how to manage your time accordingly. Removing and installing a new furnace can take a minimum of 4 hours. Generally, the maximum time it takes is 10 hours.

In some cases, the furnace replacement can take more than 10 hours and this is due to the furnace size, installation location, fuel, electrical connections, etc., All of these factors affect the total time required to install a new furnace.

Factors Affecting Furnace Installation

The factors that affect furnace installation are the following:

• Furnace Size

The larger the home is, the higher the BTU needed. Therefore, an increase in the BTU capacity will also increase the size of the furnace system. The bigger furnace system takes more time for durable fittings and installation.

If you do not choose the size according to the area, you will need frequent furnace services in Ridgecrest. The Manual J method is the best method to calculate furnace size.

• Fuel Type

Your furnace needs fuel recharge and a fuel supply pipe for heating. The electrical furnace usually takes less time to install because the technician does not have to fill gas or oil.

When replacing an electric furnace with a gas furnace, the length of the fuel supply pipe determines the installation duration.

• Electrical Lines

If you are switching to a smart control method for your furnace, you may need to modify the electrical connections. Therefore, this process will add a few more hours to the furnace installation process.

• Ductwork Quality

Our technician will inspect the condition of the old ductwork before furnace installation. It is essential because furnace performance and lifespan depend on the quality of the air ducts. If the ductwork needs a replacement, installing the new furnace will take 10 hours or more.

The length of ductwork will determine the total duration and charges of the furnace replacement. In addition, the ductworks, wiring, etc., also need durable insulation. Therefore, our technician will examine the old insulation and replace it if needed.

This way, the four factors contribute to furnace replacement. If you are installing AC with the furnace system, the installation process of two comfort units will take more than 10 hours.

Process Of Removing And Installing The Furnace

After you hire our technician for furnace service in Ridgecrestour technician will pay you a visit for the HVAC installation. The heating installation process can be divided into four sections, and these four sections are;

  1. Discussion: First, our HVAC professional will discuss the entire process of installation, its exact duration, and its estimate. You can talk about the installation location and your heating requirements. A good technician will keep the pricing transparent and discuss everything beforehand. 
  2. Preparation: After making you understand everything about the installation process, the technician will prepare the area for the new furnace. Our HVAC professional will remove the old equipment and may replace the ductwork if required. Next, our technician will clean the area for the new equipment.
  3. Installation: Once the area is prepared, our technician will drill holes and place the mount for the indoor unit. After adjusting the indoor unit, our professional will place the outdoor furnace unit. The next step involves joining and connecting fuel pipes, electrical lines, and ducts.
  4. Cleaning and testing: Once installation is done, our technician will test the performance to ensure that you are satisfied with the heating installation. Our qualified, experienced, and genuine professional will always clean up the area after completing the furnace service in Ridgecrest. 

Hire Us For Furnace Installation

After you install a new furnace, you will need an annual furnace service in Ridgecrest to maintain its lifespan and heating quality. Michael Certified Air specializes in all HVAC models’ maintenance, installation, and repair services. You can schedule a heating replacement with us by calling 760-608-7957.