On a hot summer day, the gentle hum of an air conditioner can be a welcome and comforting sound. However, occasionally you may hear sounds that are less than relaxing, especially when the air conditioner is not on. These sounds may be a sign of a serious internal issue that could prevent the device from operating effectively and safely.

It may require the assistance of air conditioning services experts in Ridgecrest, CA, to diagnose the problem fully. Here are a few potential causes of your air conditioner making noise even when it is not running.

What To Do When The AC Produces Strange Noises?

It’s important to determine the cause when the humming turns into a loud, unsettling noise. Here are some suggestions by our air conditioning services experts in Ridgecrest, CA, on what to do:

• Inspect The Air Filter

A clogged or overly restrictive air filter may end up crashing onto the grille. Cleaning your air filter will solve this problem quickly. You can typically rinse it under water, depending on your air filter and the type of air conditioner you own.

Place it back on after allowing it to dry. If the issue goes away, you’ll know it was only your filter. However, if your AC still makes noises when turned off, contact our qualified air conditioner repair technician in Ridgecrest, CA.

• Closing Dampers Can Be Noisy.

Some air conditioning units have a damper that you may use to change how much air is circulating in various rooms of your house. The slamming sound could be produced when the damper shuts after you turn off the air conditioning.

If this is the cause of the noise, you shouldn’t be concerned as it’s only a routine procedure. However, if the sounds persist, it’s recommended to consult our trained professional for a new AC installation in Ridgecrest.

• Fan Problems May Require Repair.

If the issue is with your exterior fan, you can hear rattling, buzzing, or humming noises and be unable to keep your home as cool as usual.

Your air conditioner may have fan-related issues if all you feel is warm air emanating from it. You can change your exterior fan during our professional air conditioner repair in Ridgecrest, CA, and observe if your air conditioner performs better.

• Loose Components In The AC.

There are numerous parts in your air conditioner, most of which might break down. Internal components could break free and harm nearby objects. Additionally, loose parts can prevent the fan from rotating and cause the device to wear out unevenly.

• A Refrigerant Leak From The AC.

The unit may freeze up as a result of restricted airflow or a leak in the refrigerant. If this occurs, you can notice frost on the buzzing air conditioner itself. Additionally, your AC unit’s efficiency may have decreased.

Turning off the appliance and allowing it to defrost are the initial steps in fixing this issue. If restarting the device doesn’t fix the problem, seek our expert assistance for air conditioning services in Ridgecrest, CA.

• Faulty Electrical Connection.

There could be loose electrical connections during an AC installation in Ridgecrest. As the device vibrates while in use, this may develop over time, leading to short circuits and elevated fire danger. A situation like this warrants immediate attention for your health and safety.

• Hire The Pros For Assistance.

When your air conditioner makes strange noises, even when it is not running, you should immediately switch it off and contact our technician for assistance. It’s risky to repair it yourself because it might indicate an electrical issue.

Bottom Line

The experts at Michael’s Certified Air, Inc understand where and how to check for unusual noises. Among other things, our skilled air conditioner repair specialists in Ridgecrest, CA, will examine the filters, the AC Freon, and all the moving parts that need lubrication. Following the necessary repairs, we can advise you on keeping your air conditioner in good working order.

To prevent these problems in the future, consider a regular maintenance schedule. Call us at 760-608-7957 or email us for repair, replacement, or AC installation in Ridgecrest.